Rain Tree Golf – Your Guide to the Sustainable Golf Course

Many of us love to golf.  It’s a great way to relax on the weekend, network for business, and get some exercise.

Unfortunately, the golf course, while often an idyllic oasis for the players, can be very damaging to the local environment.  Pesticides use, water contamination, and deforestation are all potential accompaniments to your weekend game.

This site is dedicated to ensuring that golf doesn’t have to impact on the environment.  We provide vital information for individuals who want to build a golf course, but want to keep their environmental footprint small.

From course design and construction, to golf course maintenance tips, to including organic restaurants and environmentally-friendly hotels on site, Rain Tree Golf has the information you need to ensure your new course has a small impact on the environment and long-term sustainability.


Business Tips for the Sustainable Golf Course Investor

Why You Should Get People To Invest In Your Business

Whenever you decide to come up with a business, strategy should play an important role in its commencement stages. You do not want to start a business that will hit rock bottom a few months or weeks after you begin. Before you start any business, it is always important to ask yourself some of the questions below:

What Kind of people do you want to invest in your business?

In order for your business to succeed, you have to choose your business investors wisely. How you choose your investors may determine whether your business will experience growth or if it is bound to fail. Choose only serious business investors who have the ability and willingness to bring progress in your firm.

What do you want your investors to do for your business?

Business investors play a very important role in a business for instance: helping in management of time and offering the business with funds to run the business effectively. They may also act as a link between the company and its potential customers, hence facilitating connections.  For your business to pick up, your investors should be willing and able to help with some, if not all, these roles.

How do you get people to invest in your business?

One of the hardest parts about operating your business is getting enough serious people to invest in your business. To convince Golf course investors to invest in your business, you should be able to demonstrate the potential that your business has. Imagine investing in a business that is bound to collapse the next day. Golf course investors want a lasting investment; hence, your business should be long lasting.

Another way of getting people to investing in your firm is proving that there is a consistence in demand for your services or product. You should also lay up a realistic market plan; if possible, you may want to conduct a test to confirm that your firm will be consistent over time.

What is networking and how can it benefit you?

Business networking is very essential in the start up stages as well as in the ongoing business process. However, your business investors should be like-minded.  Business networking events attract different entrepreneurs who come up with more unique business ideas. Whenever business investors meet over lunch times or coffee breaks, through brainstorming, various opportunities and strategies may come up, which may enhance your business and bring more profits. Business networking is significant in that you end up meeting people with great ideas that may be useful in your business over time. Furthermore, through business networking you understand the importance and value of maintaining contact with various people you have met that may later on become of help to you.

How will business networking help gain investors?

When networking, high possibilities exist that you are going to meet new business investors for your business. This is because you end up interacting with many people, some of whom may be interested in your business. Many people have ended up finding not only investors, but also business partners. You may also end up being an inspiration to young entrepreneurs with your expertise and skill to a point of attracting a wider market. Additionally, with the development of technology, through social media and the internet, social networking through the web is made available and is proving effective. Many businesses are meeting investors more rapidly and easily as a result. Businesses should readily take advantage of the platform.

Hence, as discussed, getting serious and determined investors for your business is compulsory for your company’s growth. This exercise should be taken with the seriousness it deserves since; it may easily dictate the rise or fall of your business. You do not want to see your business hit rock bottom just because you neglected how to win reliable investors to push your business forward.

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